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CEM 11 Plus

What is the the difference between the GL 11plus and CEM 11plus exams ?

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Are there many differences between the GL 11 plus and the CEM 11 plus exams ?

GL (Granada Learning) have been producing 11 plus exams for many years and the CEM 11 plus exam is relatively new. These two companies are the main players, across England, in writing and producing 11 plus exam papers.

Both CEM and GL test children on four subjects or a combination of these subjects. The subjects are:-

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Non-Verbal Reasoning

The differences between the two exam boards is in how they present the questions to your child ie the format of the exam papers.

The GL 11 plus papers are usually individual papers asking questions in each separate subject whereas the CEM 11 plus may ask similar questions but the papers may be a combination of subjects.

Very often one CEM paper will contain Verbal Reasoning and English questions while another may contain maths and Non-Verbal Reasoning questions. The CEM exam papers can contain short sections of different questions

eg In the Non-Verbal Reasoning paper there may be a section of "maths" followed by a short section of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions.

In the Verbal Reasoning paper there may be a section of "English" followed by a short section of Verbal Reasoning questions.

The GL 11 plus tends to last approximately 45 minutes (though this can change) to complete the paper. Children are generally given a period of time to complete the whole paper.

The CEM 11 plus can be split into sections and children are given a short period of time to complete each section and may not be allowed to start the next section until told to do so. The total time will be in the region of 45 minutes.

Very often the exact content and format can vary from region to region or school to school.

As both exam boards are always trying to keep ahead of tutors and make their exam "tutor-proof" the exam format or content could change without much notice.

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