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Practice for the 11+ is essential and with so many resources available it is important to review the resources before you buy.


The 11+ exam is a key stage in your child's transition from primary to secondary school education. Parents are keen to ensure that they can help their child gain entrance to the school of their choice and correct preparation is essential.

Below you will find links below to view sample pages from our extensive range of 11+ practice books covering:-

  • 11+ Verbal Reasoning

  • 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning

  • 11+ English

  • 11+ Mathematics

  • CEM 11+


These free samples showcase the quality of our products and will allow you to review our resources before making a purchase.

Preparing your own child for their 11+ exam requires you, as their parent, to become their private teacher and this may include a realistic assessment of your child's ability level, to create educational and engaging activities, and a review of homework set by school so that your work can complement the work carried out in school.


You may have to encourage your child to learn new 11+ related study skills or test-taking skills all of which will boost their confidence.

Your objective is to come up with a strategic learning plan that will allow your child to acquire enough skills to have success in their 11+ exam. Using these books and the practice tests that they contain will be  a perfect starting point.