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PDF Download 11plus Non-Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers Book 1 image

11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning (PDF Download) Book 1


This 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Book 1 is a PDF download. When your order is completed, you will be directed to a secure link allowing you to download and print the book.


If you are tutoring your own child for their 11+ exam this title will be very useful.

This book is in Standard Format and it is book 1 in a set of 2 well planned books. The book encompasses 5 tests with each test containing 75 questions.


Used in a planned way this book will be an excellent support in preparing your child for their 11+ exam for entrance to grammar school, independent or private school.


It offers practice in 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning questions like those used across the country as part of the 11+ exam. It also contains an assortment of questions suitable for the CEM 11+ examination.


Our carefully selected authors are experienced teachers and tutors who have developed and used these tests widely in the classroom. When your child works through these tests they will gain experience of formal testing while at the same time becoming more familiar with various types of Non-Verbal Reasoning questions – crucial as they prepare for their 11+ exam.


This book includes a detachable answer sheet.


A download link is sent when your order is confirmed.


ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-22-7
ISBN-10: 1873385226

  • • 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Book 1 - a PDF for immediate download.
    • This book is in Standard Format.
    • Use this book to build on your child’s skills in Non-Verbal Reasoning.
    • 5 test papers each with 75 questions. (Detachable answers included.)
    • Help your child study and revise 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning questions.
    • Allow your child to experience a formal testing situation in the safety and security of their own home.

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