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11+ Verbal Reasoning Questions and answers Book 3 PDF download cover

11+ Verbal Reasoning Book 3 PDF download


NB This 11+ Verbal Reasoning Book 3 is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the book.


A very useful product for any parent tutoring their child at home.


This book offers extra preparation for 11+ exams at short notice by downloading the pdf file. This title gives preparation in questions similar to 11+ questions that are set in 11+ exams across the country.


Many of the questions in this book are comparable to those used in the CEM 11+.


New and more challenging questions are presented in a child friendly way that will serve to inspire your child to improve scores through structured practice.


This is the third verbal reasoning book in a graded sequence of five books by Learning Together. These titles can be used to increase the capacity of any child to tackle their 11+ examinations.


Each test contains 85 Verbal Reasoning 11+ questions and there are 5 distinct tests. The questions mirror the question type that a child may well be faced with in their 11+ exams to gain a place in the chosen school that you, as their parent, would like them to attend.


The test instructions suggest a time of 50 minutes as this will allow a preparation time comparable to the actual 11+ exam. Every child using these tests, in the supportive setting of their home environment, will be at a great advantage when sitting their actual 11+ exam.


The preliminary advice contained in this 11+ Verbal Reasoning Book encourages the participation of each parent to explain the answers to their child. Parental backing is central to a child’s success in their 11+ exam.


Detachable answers are included.


The download link is sent when the order is confirmed.


ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-27-2
ISBN-10: 1873385277

  • • You can download this pdf for 11+ Verbal Reasoning book 3 now.
    • Verbal Reasoning Book 3 of 5 structured books.
    • Use these tests if you are a parent helping your own child.
    • 5 tests each with 85 questions. (Detachable answers included.)
    • Introduce your child to a wide variety of 11+ Verbal Reasoning questions.
    • Allow your child to try a formal test situation in the safety and security of their own home.

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