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Download 11+ English questions and answers pdf

Download 11+ English book as pdf


• Download this pdf 11+ English book now.


• 10 tests each test with 50 questions. (Detachable answers included.)

• Ideal for home use when time is short.

• Comprehensive preparation for 11+ exams.

• Suitable material to improve English and Verbal Reasoning skills.

• Children can practice a variety of English exercises.

• Use as additional work for all English based 11+ exams.


  • This is a comprehensive publication making use of a wide variety of texts including adverts, poems and stories. These are the sorts of texts and related questions that your child will meet in their 11+ exams. This book provides your child with essential practice and a good introduction to the demands of written tests. No time limit is given and this allows all parents to encourage their child to work through the tests at the child's own pace.


    The language used is very valuable for future tests in 11+ Verbal Reasoning.


    As with all Learning Together titles, we encourage the involvement of parents to explain the answers to the child. Parental support is crucial to a child's success in their elevenplus exam.


    This book is suitable preparation material for the CEM 11+ exam.


    Detachable answers and a comprehensive glossary are included.


    PDF Download link sent when order confirmed.


    ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-21-0
    ISBN-10: 1873385218

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