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Another 850 (as pdf download) 11+Verbal Reasoning Questions and answers

Another 850 (as pdf download) 11+Verbal Reasoning Questions


This product which contains Another 850 Verbal Reasoning Questions for the 11+ is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the book.


When you, as a parent, need more practice quickly this is just what you need.


This 11+ Verbal Reasoning book is in standard format and contains another 850 questions in 10 tests. Each test can be completed in about one hour.


It is a compendium of the questions in Learning Together’s Verbal Reasoning Books 3 & 4.


This volume is a first-rate support in preparing every child for their 11+ Verbal Reasoning exam. This book also contains questions suitable for the CEM 11+.


The authors are knowledgeable teachers and tutors who, over a number of years, have developed and used these tests widely in the classroom. Using these tests in a structured ways will provide your child with practice of formal testing while at the same time helping them to become more conversant with many types of 11+ Verbal Reasoning question.


“More Verbal Reasoning Tests” is book 2 in a set of 2 and the preceding book is called simply called “Verbal Reasoning Tests.”


Detachable answers are included.


A download link is sent when your order has been confirmed.


ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-37-1
ISBN-10: 1873385374

  • • Download two pdf Verbal Reasoning books at once.
    • This book is a compendium of Verbal Reasoning books 3 & 4.
    • It contains 850 questions in 10 tests with detachable answers included.
    • Your child can practice and improve skills in a variety of 11+ Verbal Reasoning questions.
    • Let your child experience a formal testing situation in the safety and security of their own home.

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