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850 (as pdf download) 11+Verbal Reasoning Questions and answers image

850 (as pdf download) 11+Verbal Reasoning Questions


These 850 Verbal Reasoning questions for the 11+ is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the book.


Ideal for home use when extra practice is needed at shirt notice.


This standard format 11+ Verbal Reasoning book contains 850 questions in 10 tests. Each test can be completed in under one hour.


It is a compilation of all the work in Learning Together’s Verbal Reasoning Books 1 & 2.


The book is an excellent aid for parents who are preparing their child for their 11+ exam. The tests also contain work suitable for the CEM 11+.


The authors are experienced teachers and tutors who, over a number of years, have developed and used these tests extensively in the classroom. Working through these tests will provide every child with the experience of formal testing while at the same time helping them to become more familiar with various types of verbal reasoning question.


This book, Verbal Reasoning Tests, is book 1 in a set of 2 and the succeeding book is called More Verbal Reasoning Tests.

Detachable answers are included.


A download link is sent when your order has been confirmed.


ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-36-4
ISBN-10: 1873385366

  • • Download two 11+ Verbal Reasoning books at once.
    • This book is a compendium of Verbal Reasoning books 1 & 2.
    • It contains 850 questions.
    • 10 tests with detachable answers included.
    • Allow your child to practice and then improve their Verbal Reasoning scores.
    • Your child can experience a formal testing situation in their own home.

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