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This question type requires your child to have a good grasp of many mathematical principles and to think about letters representing numbers.

In this question type you are asked to calculate a sum and then to give your answer as a letter or sometimes as a number. You must ensure that you read the question carefully so that you give your answer as a letter or number as required. 

Look at this example and then we can work our way through the question until we get the answer: -

Complete the sum below and give your answer as a LETTER.

A = 7     B = 2     C = 13    D = 4     E = 0     so    B + D + A = ( ? )

(For ease of learning we have marked the important parts of this explanation in

The answer is
C because:-
B which equals
2  + D which equals  4  + A which equals   7  = 13 which is the letter C.

In this example the sum is completed from left to right and you are asked to give your answer as a letter so the answer is
C, which is equal to 13.

You need read carefully because if you were asked to give your answer as a number then the answer would be
13 and not C.

It can be helpful to write the value of each letter directly above or below the letter.



Make sure that you use only the letters that are given in the question.
Make sure that you assign the correct value to each letter and that you do not mix up the values.
Make sure that you complete the sum correctly.
Make sure that you have read the question accurately and give your answer as a letter or number as required by the question.
If you are asked to give your answer as a letter and your calculation does match with any of the letters that you have been given, then you need to check that you have completed the sum correctly.
Avoid guessing the answer.

NB When you are completing a Verbal Reasoning test in Multiple-Choice format the correct answer will always be one of the choices that you are given on your answer sheet. If your answer does not match one of the answers that you are given then your answer is wrong.

11+ Sums using letters as numbers
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