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How to prepare for the 11+ maths exam.

11plus maths parents guide

How to prepare for the 11+ maths exams.

You will know your child best but here's some thoughts on how you can approach preparing your child for the 11+ Maths exam:

1. Identify Weak Areas: Regularly assess your child's understanding and performance in different topics/areas of Maths to identify their weak areas. This can be done through practice tests, exercises, or discussions about their schoolwork.

2. Encourage Comprehensive Knowledge: Ensure your child has a solid understanding of all the necessary topics outlined in the 11+ Maths syllabus. This includes both basic tables and number bonds and more advanced concepts. The exam papers may cover a wide range of material.

3. Practice Mental Arithmetic: Regularly practice mental arithmetic with your child to help them develop speed and accuracy in calculations. This is particularly important for the 11+ Maths exam as calculators are rarely permitted during the tests.

4. Emphasise Showing Working: Encourage your child to show their working out in their answers. Many schools provide additional writing pages for this purpose. Showing working may not only helps in getting partial credit for partially correct answers but also allows parents to understand the child's thought process.

5. Expose to Advanced Material: While there's no need to cover advanced maths material extensively, it can be beneficial to expose your child to more challenging questions, especially if they are aiming for highly competitive schools. This can help them become familiar with the types of questions they might encounter in the exam.

6. Utilise Sample Papers: Research if your target schools provide sample papers and use them as part of your child's preparation. Sample papers are invaluable resources for familiarising your child with the format and style of questions they will encounter in the exam.

7. Focus on Worded and Problem-solving Questions: Ensure your child practices worded Maths questions and problem-solving questions regularly. These types of questions make up the majority of the exam and often require logical thinking and reasoning skills to solve. Provide ample opportunities for your child to practice and develop these skills.

8. Develop Logical Thinking and Reasoning Skills: Incorporate activities and exercises into your child's routine that encourage logical thinking and reasoning skills. This can include puzzles, brain teasers, and logic games, which can help improve their problem-solving abilities.

By following these strategies and providing ongoing support and guidance, you can help your child prepare effectively for the 11+ Maths exam and increase their chances of success.

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