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11+ Exam Practice Papers in all 4 subjects.


The 11+ exam is an important milestone in your child's education. The importance of the 11+ exam cannot be underestimated. As a parent you will be keen to support your child and have high aspirations for them. Success in the 11+ exam can provide access to a school with a strong academic history which in turn can lead to a position in a top university followed by a career of your child’s choosing.

These papers are suitable practice for all types of 11+ exams.

What is the 11+ exam

What is the 11+ exam?

11-plus examinations are used as a means of selecting pupils for either a fee-paying or a state grammar school. Despite attempts by various governments to abolish the 11+ Exam it remains very popular with areas of the country still having the 11+ Exam. There are a large number of private and independent grammar schools who select pupils on the results that they obtain in the 11+ Exam. Many of these private schools set their own version of the test.

State grammar schools and independent grammar schools set high academic standards and children require the ongoing support of their parents and family not only as they prepare for the 11+ but as they make their journey through the grammar school.

Aspirational parents want their child to have access to traditional teaching, excellent academic and sports facilities and all the other opportunities that attending a grammar or private school can offer.

It is very common for the most successful private or state grammar schools to be heavily oversubscribed for places in year 7 so high scores in the 11+ are required. Many private schools have a Preparatory Department attached to it which spends time and effort preparing pupils for the 11+ exam. This may not be the case with state primary schools feeding into a local grammar school so additional work at home, by parents working with their child, is essential.

How can I help my child to pass the 11 Plus Exam?

The content of the 11+ Exam can vary greatly from school to school or from grammar school to grammar school. However, irrespective of school or area all pupils can expect to sit a combination of some or all of the following 11+ papers: English, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Whether your child attends a state primary or a private preparatory school you will need to help prepare them for this difficult exam. All schools will be teaching English and Maths and high standards in both subjects are central to success. Additional revision and reinforcement of both subjects will always be useful. You can find additional practice material on our site.

Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning may well be new subjects to your child and they require introductory teaching and learning followed by practice and revision. It is well known that practice undoubtedly helps. You can find Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning books and practice tests, that range from introductory and teaching texts to challenging practice tests, on our site.

Demand for success in the 11 plus exam continues to grow, including from pupils not attending Preparatory Schools, so suitable, well-structured preparation is essential.

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