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This 11plus (VR) Verbal Reasoning is Book 1 in a series of five graded Verbal Reasoning Books and it provides introductory preparation for 11plus verbal reasoning.


Below you can see samples of just some of the Verbal Reasoning questions this book includes: -


Words with the same/similar meaning (synonyms)

Questions similar to

Select two words, one from each group, that are closest to each other in meaning.

( close, door, hear )  ( open, near, here )


Words that are connected in some way (analogies)

Questions similar to

finger is to ( point   hand    nail )    as     toe is to ( big   foot    heel )


Letter series

Questions similar to

Find the next letter in this series.

Y    A    C    E    ( ? )


Number series

Questions similar to

Find the next number in this series.

9    11   13    15    ( ? )


Words that do go together

Questions similar to



Which of these 5 words will fit into both brackets.


Logical deduction (reading Information)

Questions similar to

Julie is taller than John but smaller than Joan

List the children starting with the tallest.


Use of three-letter words to complete larger words

Questions similar to

A sentence starts with a  C A _  _  _ AL letter.


Words with the opposite or nearly opposite meaning (antonyms)

Questions similar to

Select two words, one from each group, that are most opposite to each other in meaning.

( over    through   in )    ( out    on    beside )


Finding a four-letter word hidden in a sentence

Questions similar to

Find the four-letter word that is hidden in this sentence.

After the third time and fourth time he gave up.


Compound words

Questions similar to

In each question below a word from the first set of brackets joins one word from the second set of brackets to make a new word.

( late    farm    time )    ( over    field    yard )


Completing number patterns

Questions similar to

Find the number that will complete the third group of numbers in the same way.

5   (12)   7      4   (7)   3      2   ( ? )   6


Adding a letter to create two new words

Questions similar to

rop   (?)   ver    AND    tre   (?)   at


This book, which is recommended by Total Tutors London, includes other question types such as moving two words to correct a sentence, alphabetical order and reading information in the form of tables.


All this 11plus Verbal Reasoning revision work is intended to inspire your child to improve their scores and develop a positive attitude to the preparation that is necessary for this challenging exam.


There are 21 question types that are frequently used in 11plus Verbal reasoning questions and this link allows you to print that list.


It is envisioned that a child working their way systemically through this book will develop their knowledge and understanding of this aspect of the 11+ exam.The requirements of the 11+ exam are very demanding and suitable and adequate preparation using the correct resources will help to make the whole process easier and less daunting for your child and you!


As your child becomes more familiar with a variety of Verbal Reasoning questions their confidence will increase and the quality of their test outcomes is going to improve. As your child works their way through book 1 they will be challenged with more difficult question types such as reading a passage and making logical deductions. A question type that often appears in the actual 11plus exam.


Trying a mixture of verbal reasoning question types before the 11+ exam, experiencing timed conditions and seeing the results of practice is one of the most important things your child can do before a test. Practice will serve to increase your child's confidence, sharpen their skills and identify areas of weakness and areas in which they are strong. Preparation will help to dispel fears of the unknown.


Our How to do 11plus Verbal Reasoning book gives worked examples and practice questions in many different question types.

Preparation for 11+ Exams: Book 1 - Verbal Reasoning

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  • At a glance

    • 11-plus Verbal Reasoning preparation. Book 1 in a set of 5 graduated books.

    • Introduce children to synonyms, antonyms, letter series and other 11-plus topics.

    • 5 tests each with 85 questions. (Detachable answers included.)

    • Children can practice many of the most common 21 Verbal Reasoning questions.

    • Your child can develop the necessary skills and knowledge in the safety and security of their own home.

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