11+ Verbal Reasoning Questions
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11+ info for parents.

The 11+ Verbal Reasoning exam can be predictable, but not always, exam boards are always looking for new questions to challenge your child. It is generally regarded that there are 21 common Verbal Reasoning questions used in the 11+ exam.

This being the case your child’s exam will likely consist of commonly repeated versions of the same question types.

The key to be very successful the 11+ Verbal Reasoning exam lies in understanding the most effective ways to solve each question type, having a large vocabulary and practicing a wide range of questions.

This 11+ Verbal Reasoning book and the practice papers that it contains will allow your child to practice a range of question types to help them achieve top marks, build their confidence and succeed in their 11+ Verbal Reasoning exams.

Below you will find some 11+ Verbal Reasoning Sample questions of the type that your child may be asked.