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We are pleased to be working closely with to help you and your child prepare for the new SEAG Transfer Test.

The Northern Ireland Transfer Test has changed and the new body SEAG will set the test in Oct/Nov 2023. The AQE and GL versions are gone and the new tests will be a combination of English and maths questions with a mix of multiple-choice and free-response.

The Transfer Test date seems so far off but in reality it is just around the corner and early preparation is the key to success in this important exam. The amount of work needed cannot be covered in a handful of days or even weeks.

Proper preparation is essential for success in this important exam. The content of the tests is based on the English and Mathematics as taught in all primary schools, however, extra relevant preparation is key. 

We are working alongside to offer members a massive 50% discount across our full range of Transfer Test printed products. 

Our website provides all the necessary preparation, revision and practice needed in both English and maths.

We also offer practice tests that mirror the actual Transfer Test itself.

The standard of the Transfer Test questions will be very demanding so make sure that you and your child do the work now.

(Minimum spend £25.00)

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