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CEM 11plus Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers test 2 pdf download

CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning test 2


This Verbal Reasoning CEM 11+ practice paper is a PDF download. Following confirmation of your order you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test paper.


The questions in this CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning practice paper resemble questions that have been found in previous CEM papers. There are 60 suitable CEM 11+ type practice questions. These tests will provide appropriate practice for those children taking their 11+ exam.


A time of 20 minutes is recommended for each Verbal Reasoning Test. The answer sheet is constructed in such a way as to make it simple for parents to highlight question categories that their child is finding more problematic.


The questions are completed in the normal way, by writing the answer on the test paper or choosing the correct answer from a selection of possible answers.


Durham University write the CEM 11+ papers. The University do not produce practice tests. We cannot promise that the 11+ exam that your child takes will have the same design or contain the exact same questions to the practice questions that are contained in this test.


A download link sent when order is established.

  • • This CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning test is available to download now.

    • This test 2 of 6 CEM revision tests.

    • Full paper contains 60 questions based on previous CEM 11+ tests.

    • Increase your child's ability in CEM Verbal Reasoning.

    • Accessible when you need extra practice in a hurry.

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