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Sir Roger Manwood’s School

Here you can read about the school's admission process, exam formats, follow a link to school website and view suggested 11+ Practice Books.

About the School

At Sir Roger Manwood’s School, students are encouraged to engage with what is on offer at the School in order to explore and develop all aspects of their characters with the goal of them becoming confident, independent young people who will excel at whatever they decide is the next stage of their young life.

Sir Roger Manwood’s School strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for the young people who enter through the doors, and work tirelessly with them so that they develop into confident, happy and successful citizens, prepared for the global nature of the 21st century world around them.

Staff provide a broad curriculum which is balanced, relevant, enjoyable and challenging to all pupils. It is a core belief of the school that all individuals are equally valued and that everyone treats one another with mutual respect . Pupils are encouraged to take part in the many extracurricular activities on offer and supported to so that they achieve as highly, in an academic sense, as they are able. The vast majority of students in Year 11 stay on into the sixth form, and they progress to top universities, including Russell Group and Oxbridge.

Sir Roger Manwood’s School seeks to provide a caring community which encourages concern and respect for the welfare of others and one that enables each individual to flourish. To this end, the School places great emphasis on its pastoral system, with Form Tutors, Heads of Year, SEND Manager, Student Receptionist, Curriculum Access Administrator, PSHE taught curriculum, School Nurse, School Counsellor (for 2 days a week) and Assistant Head (Wellbeing and Pastoral) all promoting the welfare and personal development of each and every pupil.

The School is lucky to enjoy very high standards of behaviour, and a strong sense of loyalty, from its students but a cornerstone of their system is the fact that students can contact any member of staff, at any time during the school day, if they are worried about something, and that well-developed procedures then come into play. In addition, students have many opportunities to develop skills and personal qualities, both in the formal curriculum and in the extra-curricular life of the School.

Leadership opportunities abound at the School - Sixth Formers are encouraged to help in a number of areas with Junior classes and a ‘buddying’ system operates in Years 7 and 8. Sixth formers also act as Area Prefects and Sports Leaders (when in Year 12) and School Prefects, House Prefects or School Captains (when in Year 13). These are obviously in addition to the positions of responsibility that are within our extra-curricular provision e.g. Combined Cadet Force, Drama, Duke of Edinburgh, Music and Sports.

At SRMS they value their traditions, yet at the same time look to progress and offer all students the best possible education they can that prepares them for their immediate post-SRMS next step – whether that be Higher Education, a Degree Level Apprenticeship or the world of work.

Year 7 11+ Exam Content

Kent 11 Plus Test

How to prepare for the 11+ in 

Sir Roger Manwood’s School

Parents will often search for 11+ books relevant to the Sir Roger Manwood’s School so that they can help their child prepare  for the 11 plus test.

Practice in all aspects of 11+ Verbal Reasoning and 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning is essential. Developing 11+ English and 11+ maths skills will give your child an advantage when sitting the actual 11+ exam.

Our 11+ Exam Book Shop will offer lots of suitable practice material.



School Type:-

Mixed Grammar

Total Pupils:-



Year 7 Places:-

Year 7 Admission details:-

At least 3 applicants for every place in Y7.

Exam Format

The 11+ exam is based on the Procedure For Entry To Secondary Education (PESE) & The Kent Test (11+) and contains questions on 11+ Maths, 11+ English and 11+ Reasoning. Kent 11 Plus Test 


Sir Roger Manwood’s School, Manwood Road, Sandwich CT13 9JX

School website:-

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