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Stratford Girls Grammar School

Here you can read about the school's admission process, exam formats, follow a link to school website and view suggested 11+ Practice Books.

About the School

Stratford Girls' Grammar School has an inspirational history of success, which dates back over half a century.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School shapes futures. The community of expert teachers and associate staff understand that students only get one education and it is imperative that everyone who joins the grammar school has access to the same opportunities to help them to become as successful as they can possibly be; to be the very best version of themselves.

The name is synonymous with academic excellence; as a fully selective girls’ academy state school, it is consistently ranked as one of the best in the country, and results are testament to that fact. It is, however, their focus on pastoral care that truly sets them apart.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School is a caring school. They take great pride in the ability to deliver bespoke support that is tailored to the needs of every student to ensure they maximise their experience – and therefore their outcome – at SGGS. This is further enhanced by their unique heritage and strong links within the community of Stratford-upon-Avon, all of which contribute to a beautiful setting which is inspirational for both staff and students each and every day.

There is no greater sight or sound than the hustle and bustle of school life against the backdrop of the beautiful historic 15th Century Manor, surrounded by picturesque gardens which sit comfortably alongside a state of the art 21st Century facilities which have been added to the site in recent years.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School is a forward-thinking school, and the calibre of students and the alumnae reflect a rejection of gender stereotyping, and underpins the firm belief that you can be whatever you want to be; all you need is ambition, focus and the right support and guidance. Today, women have more chances to succeed in society than ever before, and Stratford Girls' Grammar School has grasped that baton with both hands. Stratford Girls' Grammar School believes there is no such thing as a glass ceiling.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School is a happy school. Laughter is a sound regularly heard in classrooms, corridors and gardens. Students thrive here, both academically and socially, and lifelong friendships are formed from the moment they arrive. Staff promote the regular celebration of achievement, and students learn to be proud of their own success as well as the success of their friends. The extra-curricular opportunities are exceptional, with fantastic opportunities made available to those with interests in sports, science, music, performing arts and much more.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School is a well-connected school. As a highly successful grammar school, it keeps destinations and outcomes in their sights at all times. Links with its alumnae and its local community are strong. Careers and work experience connections are excellent and Stratford Girls' Grammar School is well-positioned to ensure that all students are supported and guided to their destinations of choice, year after year. From Oxford University and Cambridge University enrolment to ECO champions and sportswomen, SGGS has a long history of helping students meet and exceed all expectations, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence they need in order to realise their long-term ambitions.

Stratford Girls' Grammar School is an enlightened and knowledgeable school. They know how to teach bright, ambitious girls, empowering and challenging them to grow into successful young adults who contribute positively to the world around them.

Year 7 11+ Exam Content

  • CEM 11 Plus Exam with questions on Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths.

  • 11+ Exam Book Shop will offer lots of supplementary practice material.

How to prepare for the 11+ in 

Stratford Girls Grammar School

Revising and preparing for the 11+ at Stratford Girls Grammar School requires your child to have a good grasp of English and maths and to complete as many varied 11+ practice tests in all the related subject areas. This additional preparation will be a great advantage for your child when they sit the actual 11+ exam. You can find suitable 11+ practice book here



School Type:-

Girls’ Grammar

Total Pupils:-



Year 7 Places:-

Year 7 Admission details:-

There may be more than 5+ applicants for every place in Y7.

Exam Format

CEM 11+ Version with questions on Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Maths.


Stratford Girls’ Grammar School, Shottery Manor, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 9HA

School website:-

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