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Woodford County High School

Here you can read about the school's admission process, exam formats, follow a link to school website and view suggested 11+ Practice Books.

About the School

Woodford County High School have clear values and a clear vision.

Values: What we want a Woodford education to achieve

Vision: The ways in which we seek to achieve it.

This statement of Woodford County High School's shared values and vision is the result of a consultation exercise involving staff, students, parents and governors.

We want all students to enjoy and appreciate their education and to leave Woodford equipped to embark upon happy, fulfilling and useful lives, wherever and however they choose to lead them.

To that end we seek to help them become:

Confident of their own worth, courageous and resilient
Self-reliant in life and in learning
Independent in thought and belief
Receptive to new experience and interested in everything
Assured and articulate in communication
Considerate and kind
Respectful of difference in other individuals and cultures
Ready to assume responsibility as members of multiple communities
Clear-sighted and imaginative in planning for their futures
Unwilling to settle for less than their best in anything they do

To pursue these values by:

Offering a full and balanced curriculum – and extra-curriculum – which encourage intellectual and personal development
Delivering expert teaching which builds on previous attainment and makes learning an active, rather than a passive, experience
Developing the practices and resources to support independent learning
Creating opportunities for students to develop leadership and representation skills
Promoting opportunities for serving and supporting others
Providing platforms to showcase student skills and achievements
Scheduling co-curricular activities which encourage creativity, collaboration and problem solving
Bringing the curriculum to life by emphasising, wherever possible, a real-world connection
Making available individual advice and guidance to support students in planning for their futures
Encouraging a sense of global responsibility

Year 7 11+ Exam Content

CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning (English-based), CEM 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning, CEM 11+ Numerical Reasoning (Maths)

How to prepare for the 11+ in 

Woodford County High School

Parents will often search for 11+ books relevant to Woodford County High School so that they can help their child prepare  for the 11 plus test.

Practice in all aspects of 11+ Verbal Reasoning and 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning is essential. Developing 11+ English and 11+ maths skills will give your child an advantage when sitting the actual 11+ exam.

Our 11+ Exam Book Shop will offer lots of suitable practice material.

London - Redbridge


School Type:-

Girls’ Grammar

Total Pupils:-



Year 7 Places:-

Year 7 Admission details:-

Sometimes upto 7+ applicants for every place in Y7.

Exam Format

CEM 11+


Woodford County High School, High Road, Woodford Green IG8 9LA

School website:-

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