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11+ Tests: Verbal Reasoning
Challenge Tests - School Sample

Difficult 11+ Verbal Reasoning Questions

You are looking for every child to excel in a specific academic area and in this case it is 11+ Verbal Reasoning.


For this success you might need to offer your pupils a bit of one-to-one guidance using reliable 11+ material. Sometimes all it takes for a child to really understand the questions in the 11+ is to teach and help them at their own pace offering a lot of praise and support.


The school samples shown below are taken from our "Challenge Tests Book" and reflect some of the hardest questions that pupils will face in their 11+ exam.


Having worked with students, while preparing them for their 11+ exam, I have found that these "logic" based questions are what most children, and indeed their parents, find most difficult.


This type of question requires a pupil to read a lot of text which contains many pieces of discrete information. They then have to answer questions based on the facts that they have just read.

The sample questions reflect just how hard this type of 11+ question can be.

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