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CEM 11 Plus

What regions use the CEM 11 plus ?

What is the Cem11+ Exam_edited.jpg

Are you in a region that uses the CEM 11 plus ?

What regions use the CEM 11 plus?

The following regions currently use the CEM 11plus in full or in part. Some school/regions use a combination of the CEM 11plus and the GL version of the 11 plus.

It is crucial that you check with your chosen school/region to confirm what version of the 11 plus exam they are using as they may change exam provider with little or no information being provided to prospective parents.

CEM 11 plus regions:

  • Berkshire

  • Bexley

  • Birmingham

  • Gloucestershire

  • Shropshire

  • Walsall

  • Warwickshire

  • Wolverhampton

GL and/or CEM:

  • Devon

  • Essex

  • Hertfordshire

  • Trafford

  • Wiltshire

  • Wirral

  • Yorkshire

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