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We are pleased to be working closely with to help you and your child prepare for this important exam by offering a massive 25% discount on our printed products.

The 11+ exam seems so far off but in reality it is just around the corner and early preparation is the key to success in this important exam. The amount of work needed cannot be covered in a handful of days or even weeks.

Your child's 11+ or private school entrance exam will probably include Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, maths and English or any combination of these subjects.

English is part of the National Curriculum and taught in all schools. Your child's school learning combined with these 11+ resources (and reading widely) will improve your child's vocabulary and their ability to tackle those Verbal Reasoning or English questions, but practice is key to answering the questions with confidence and ease.

Practice is the only way to improve scores in both subjects.

We are pleased to offer such practice at 25% discount as we work alongside

Our website offers graded practice in Verbal Reasoning or English questions where you can use promocode theschoolrun25 to receive 25% on printed titles.

Mathematics is taught in schools, but practice and revision are essential to raise your child's confidence and, ultimately, their 11+ scores. 

Not all schools teach Non-Verbal Reasoning and this is a subject that many children find very difficult. You can improve your child's techniques and build their confidence with structured practice, which will lead to great improvements in their 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning ability.

Whether your child is sitting a multiple-choice paper or a standard format 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning Exam - practice and adequate preparation will always help.

Once again we are working with to help you and your child through their 

preparation and offering our Non-Verbal Reasoning books at 25% discount.

Your child will have been taught English and maths in school, all of which will be relevant to their 

11+ exam but they need to be able to practise Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning in the safety and security of their own home.

All our titles offer just such essential practice.

(Minimum spend £25.00)

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