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11plus Reading List of books to improve vocabulary and writing

We've compiled a recommended list of suitable reading texts to help ...

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11+ Recommended Reading List

We've compiled a list of suitable reading texts ot help with preparation for the 11+ English and Verbal Reasoning exams.

For success in the 11+ exams it is essential that your child has an extensive vocabulary that they can apply to their Verbal Reasoning and  English tests. Encourage your child to read widely choosing and reading books that they like.


When your child is approaching their 11+ entrance examinations they need to be exposed to the sort of language they will face in their actual exam papers. If they read a wide variety of books, including more challenging reading books, this will help them develop a wide vocabulary.

Reading modern children’s books and some of the old classics will help your child develop their understanding of how language works, it will expand their vocabulary, which is crucial for the 11+ Verbal Reasoning and English tests, it will also help them understand how texts are composed - a very useful skill for any creative writing 11+ exam.

Reading well-structured books will help improve your child’s creative writing and comprehension as they will learn about grammar, sentence structure, antonyms, synonyms and other aspects of the English language.

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