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Grammar school entry in September 2025

11+ key dates for September 2025

11+ key dates for September 2025

What are the Key Dates for entry to grammar school in September 2025?

As a parent if you are considering the 11+ exam for their child's entrance to a grammar school in September 2025 here we have the approximate key dates. Remember to check with individual schools and local authorities for specific details and deadlines in your area. Here's a condensed version for clarity:


- April - May 2024: Grammar schools open registration for the 11+ exam.

- June - July 2024: Deadlines for registration (check with individual schools).

- September 2024: 11+ exams take place in the first two weeks (some schools hold exams in October).

- October 2024: Results are typically released in mid-October.

- October 31, 2024: Secondary school application deadline, including choice of grammar schools.

- March 1, 2025: UK secondary school allocations are confirmed.

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