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Making the 11plus exam fair for all children

Is the 11plus exam fair for all children? What are the rights and wrongs of the 11plusexam?

11plus helping all children
Is the 11plus fair to all children?

There is always talk and discussion about the rights and wrongs of the 11+ Exam. So is the 11plus fair to all children or does it favour children from a wealthier background?

 In 2006 Lord Norman Blackwell wrote an article "Three Cheers for Selection: How grammar schools help the poor" and in it he presented a robust defence of selective education, particularly the role of grammar schools, in promoting social mobility and improving academic standards. The article is still relevant to-day.

The full article runs to about 28 pages but here is a summary of the key points:


1. Historical Context: Blackwell begins by highlighting the decline of grammar schools and the rise of comprehensive education in the UK over several decades. He argues that the move away from selective schooling has not led to the promised improvements in education standards or social equality.


2. Original Arguments against Selection:

He revisits the arguments made by figures like Anthony Crosland, who viewed grammar schools as perpetuating class divisions by favouring children from more affluent backgrounds. However, Blackwell contends that abolishing grammar schools did not eliminate social advantages but rather exacerbated social divisions.

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