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11+ English Exam Practice Test No1


11-plus English Practice Paper Number 1


11-plus English Practice Paper and answers straight to your computer - this material provides practice for your child when they are taking an English based 11+ exam and they need extra material in a hurry.


Each English test contains 55 unique questions not contained in our books. The test Covers comprehension, spelling, grammar and other aspects of English. These practice tests will provide good practice in 11+ English since a variety of different question types are used.


A time of 35 minutes is suggested for each English Test.


To attain the necessary grades to gain a place in a top grammar school your child needs to have regular practice with 11+ English sample questions.


To help your child accomplish a good score in the English section of a grammar school test, they require plenty of varied practice using a variety of English practice papers, which obviously, contain the answers and ideally are in pdf format for immediate use.


By considering the demands of the English content in the 11+ papers of the different schools or Local Authorities it is quite clear how good your child’s English has to be.


This 11+ English Paper Number 1 and answers in pdf format is available for immediate use at home and will provide you with additional English practice at short notice to help in 11+ preparation.


We have a range of 11+ English Papers covering a range of English topics such as Punctuation, Antonyms, Comprehensions, Spelling – much of this English practice is closely related to the English content of 11+ Verbal Reasoning tests and so it is a “win win” situation when you and your child practice all aspects of English.


Obviously practice and parental support plays a substantial role in your child’s success in their 11+ English exam so when you need to access additional 11+ English quickly this is just the product that you need.


Download link sent when order confirmed.

  • • Download this PDF 11+ English revision test now.
    • Test 1 of 3 tests for immediate use at home.
    • 55 English revision questions and answers.
    • Good English skills aare essential for success in the English 11+ exam.
    • Suitable for use at home when preparing for any English 11+ exam.
    • Available when you need extra practice in a hurry.

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