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11+ English Exam Questions and Answers pdf download Test No 3  image

11+ English Exam Practice Test No3


11-plus English is part of many 11-plus exams across the country and when you need additional revision at the last minute just download this PDF file for immediate use.


This is test 3 of 3 PDF downloads and it contains 55 first-class questions that are not contained in our books. The test offers revision in comprehension, spelling, grammar and other aspects of English.  A wide variety of different question types are used making this material ideal practice for children taking English as part of their 11-plus exam.


The tests are completed in the standard way, by writing the answer on the test paper and a time of 35 minutes is suggested for each English Test.


Once payment had been confirmed a secure PDF Download link is sent to your computer allowing you to download the test for instant use.


**These tests may vary depending on the Local Education Authority or school.**

  • • Download this preparation English test now.
    • Test 3 of 3 tests.
    • 55 unique questions not contained in our books. (Answers included.)
    • Test is completed in standard format.
    • Suitable practice for the CEM exam.
    • Available when you need extra practice in a hurry.

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