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11plus maths questions and answers pdf download test 2

11+ Exam Mathematics Test 2


11plus Maths Practice Tests straight to your computer - this material provides practice for children taking the elevenplus in any area as a good grasp of mathematics is essential for success in many Elevenplus exams.


This test contains 55 unique questions not contained in our books. Covers aspects of mathematics that may be tested in a grammar school selection test. Algebra, problem solving, number facts, shape and space are just some of the topics that are tested in this mathematics paper.  A variety of different question types are used. This test will provide good practice in mathematics. 


A time of 35 minutes is suggested for the Test. 


The test can be completed in the standard way, by writing the answer on the test paper or some parents may wish their children to complete the test using our large format multiple choice answer sheets which are attached to your download.


This large format can be used to introduce children to the skills required to complete a multiple choice answer sheet.


**These tests may vary depending on the Local Education Authority or school.**


Download link sent when order confirmed.

  • • Download this Mathematics test now.
    • Test 2 of 3 tests.
    • 55 unique questions not contained in our books. (Answers included.)
    • Test can be completed in standard or multiple choice format.
    • Suitable practice for the CEM exam.
    • Available when you need extra practice in a hurry

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