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11plus Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers test 1 pdf download

11+ Verbal Reasoning Test 1


NB This product is a PDF download. Once your order is confirmed you will be sent a secure link allowing you to download and print the test.


Our series of Eleven plus practice verbal reasoning tests, for immediate download, contain a wide variety of questions. Many of these questions are known to have been used in grammar school selection tests (the 11+) by local education authorities and private schools.

The elevenplus exam is always changing so practicing a wide range of questions will be of benefit to any child preparing for this difficult exam. 

This 11-plus Verbal Reasoning Test will be sent straight to your computer for immediate use and will provide practice for children taking any elevenplus exam involving Verbal Reasoning.


Each test contains 100 unique questions not contained in our books. These tests will provide good practice for those children taking the elevenplusexam since over 35 different question styles are tested. 


Questions such as 


Find a letter which will complete both the word in front of the brackets and the word after the brackets. Write the correct letter in the brackets.

Look at this example: ROA ( D ) OOR


HEA (_________) EAF


Or more complicated questions requiring a child to read:-


Eleanor, Ruth, Ann and Melanie are four women. Eleanor, Ruth and Melanie
own a sports car. Ann owns a van. Eleanor’s and Melanie’s vehicles are red and
the other vehicles are green. Ruth and Melanie have radios in their vehicles the
others do not have a radio.

and then answer a question such as


What colour is the van?   (____________)


There are also questions that will test a child's general knowledge such as


In this question the letters of one word have been jumbled up. Use the clue
to help you rearrange the letters to make sense and write the word in the bracket.


LAERT is to change. (____________)


There are a number of mathes based questions involving series and understanding of maths.


Complete the sequence below.

2.5      5.0       7.5      10.0  (____________)


A = 8        B = 11        C = 21        D = 3       E = 22        so        A + B + D = (______)


There are 100 questions in this test so it will provide practice in a variety of question types.

A time of 50 minutes is suggested for each of these Verbal Reasoning Test though a child who is just starting to work on this subject may need more time. A parent working closely with their child will be able to adjust the time needed.


The tests are completed in the standard way, by writing the answer on the test paper or some parents may wish their children to complete these tests using our multiple choice pupil answer sheets which are attached to the downloaded.


This large format multiple choice question answer page can be used to introduce children to the skills required to complete a multiple choice answer sheet.


**These tests may vary depending on the Local Education Authority or school.**


Download link sent when order confirmed.

  • • 11+ Exam Verbal Reasoning Test for immediate Download.
    • 100 unique questions not contained in our Verbal Reasoning practice books. (Answers included.)
    • Test 1 of 10 tests.
    • Complete in standard or multiple choice format.
    • Multiple choice answer sheet attached to download.
    • Available when you need extra practice in a hurry.

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