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CEM 11plus Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers test 5 pdf download

CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning test 5


This is a PDF download for CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning & Comprehension paper No5. You will receive a secure link after your order is complete. This link will allow you to download and print the test.


Number 5 in a series of 6 CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension Practice Papers. You can download this practice paper for immediate use when the 11+ is close by and you need extra preparation at short notice. The test is sent straight to your computer and provides practice for children taking the CEM 11+ exam.


The test comprises 60 appropriate CEM 11+ type practice questions. The questions are based on CEM 11+ questions that have been found in earlier papers and so this test will deliver relevant practice for those children taking their 11+.


A time of 20 minutes should be sufficient to complete this Verbal Reasoning Test.


This is not a multiple-choice paper but is completed in the standard way, by writing the answer on a space on the test paper.  The answer sheet is written in such a way that it will help any adult to easily spot areas of weakness that a child may have in CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning.


As Durham University write the CEM 11+ and do not produce practice tests this test is based on the content of previous CEM 11+ exams. However, we cannot guarantee that the examination your child takes will have the same design or content as this practice test.


A download link will be sent when your order is confirmed.

  • • Download this CEM 11+ Verbal Reasoning/Comprehension test now.

    • Test 5 of 6 practice & revision tests.

    • 60 practice questions based on CEM (Durham University) 11+ exams. (Answers included.)

    • To be completed in standard format.

    • Available when you need extra practice in a hurry.

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