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How to do 11+ Verbal Reasoning pdf Download image

How to do 11+ Verbal Reasoning pdf Download


NB This 11+ How to do Non-Verbal Reasoning book is a PDF download. After your order is confirmed, you will receive a secure link permitting you to download and print the book.


Perfect for every parent tutoring their own child towards their 11+ exam.

This 11+ How to do Non-Verbal Reasoning book explains the necessary techniques required to tackle various types of 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning questions. Non-Verbal Reasoning tests are used by many areas and private schools as part of their 11+ process.


Phillip Kay, the author, is an experienced eleven plus tutor who has taught many children how to do Non-Verbal Reasoning. His methods have proven successful in teaching and explaining Non-Verbal Reasoning questions to his pupils. His knowledge is now contained in this excellent aid for preparing children for their 11+ exams.


The book explains many of the questions in the Learning Together Non-Verbal Reasoning books and covers 18 different Non-Verbal Reasoning topics that are explained in a simple “Step by Step” child friendly manner.


Each question is dealt with in a separate component.
Each component has two sections:-

The INTRODUCTION with a worked 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning question and Step-by-Step instructions.


The EXERCISE that follows has additional 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning questions with “Hints” for extra help.

A removeable answer sheet and score sheet to track your child’s progress are provided at the back of the book.


This 11+ book provides appropriate preparation for 11+ examinations and grammar school selection tests.


Using this title will increase the skills of your child as they prepare for the actual 11+ Exam.


Non-Verbal Reasoning questions, that are explained in this book, are often included in the grammar school selection procedure.


Using this book in a structured way will help any parent support their child as they prepare for Non-Verbal Reasoning questions that they will face with in their 11+.


The authors of the Learning Together books in both Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning provide introductory advice that encourages the involvement of each parent to clarify difficult answers to their child. Parental backing is essential for a child to succeed in their 11+ exam.


Download link sent when order confirmed.


ISBN-13: 978-1-873385-24-1
ISBN-10: 1-873385-24-2

  • • How do you do Verbal Reasoning? Download this pdf book now.
    • This book explains the skills and techniques necessary for succcess in Verbal Reasoning questions.
    • Ideal for parents to use with their own child.
    • Covers 18 of the most common Verbal Reasoning questions. (Detachable answers included.)
    • Worked examples with clear explanations.

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