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Colyton Grammar School

Here you can read about the school's admission process, exam formats, follow a link to school website and view suggested 11+ Practice Books.

About the School

Colyton Grammar School was established in 1546 "for the goodly and virtuous education of children forever”. Today, Colyton Grammar School continues to be a non-fee paying, high performing school for academically able boys and girls.

The school goal is to create excellence through intellectual curiosity and creativity and to enable all students to thrive as they take their next steps into the world of university and the workplace.

The school values and mission have not really altered from those of the Tudor founders in that Colyton Grammar School want the young men and women to be people of great principle, integrity and character who are equipped to become the future leaders of their community.

The School has a reputation for academic success and the overwhelming majority of students progress to the most highly selective universities and places of learning in the UK including Oxford, Cambridge and the Royal College of Music.

School success is built on high expectations, hard work and the fact that they are an inclusive school built on meritocracy. Colyton Grammar School are a school for every academically able child regardless of social-economic background, ethnicity or gender, with additional support and bursaries where they are needed.

Year 7 11+ Exam Content

CEM Version 11+ with questions in Verbal Reasoning (including comprehension), Non- Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning (Maths). There is also a creative writing paper set by school (20 minutes).

How to prepare for the 11+ in 

Colyton Grammar School

Parents will often search for 11+ books relevant to Colyton Grammar School so that they can help their child prepare  for the 11 plus test.

Practice in all aspects of 11+ Verbal Reasoning and 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning is essential. Developing 11+ English and 11+ maths skills will give your child an advantage when sitting the actual 11+ exam.

Our 11+ Exam Book Shop will offer lots of suitable practice material.



School Type:-

Mixed Grammar

Total Pupils:-



Year 7 Places:-

Year 7 Admission details:-

Usually 3-4 applicants for every place.

Exam Format

CEM Version 11+


Colyton Grammar School, Whitwell Lane, Colyford, Colyton EX24 6HN

School website:-

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