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How does online eleven plus exams practice differ from pencil and paper practice?

Many anxious parents and teachers ask this question and clearly there are a number of differences between the two practice systems.

What pencil and paper practice offers is fairly obvious but subscribing to an online eleven plus exams practice platform should mean that your child gets easy and instant access to a wide variety of questions.

With an online 11+ system they can access the practice anywhere that they can connect to the internet and this of course means anywhere and anytime. These online elevenplus sites are ideal for practicing when on holiday and you don’t want the hassle of taking books with you.

A quality product will instantly mark the practice test and give instant, relevant and professional feedback on their answers. This feedback is central to improving your child’s chances of passing their 11+exam. The better ones will often email details of what ever 11+ practice the child has just taken to a chosen email address.

We all know that “Practice makes perfect” but more accurately “Practice, the results of which are known, makes perfect.” It is feedback on practicing Verbal reasoning for the eleven plus or whatever other 11+ subject that a child is practicing that will improve performance and therefore 11+ scores. Relevant online feedback is essential.

Preparing for this demanding 11+ exam does require a lot of time and effort by both parent and child and one big plus of an onlineelevenplus exam platform is that it will mark any papers immediately. This can be important as marking these practice tests can be very time consuming and when a parent is busy can become an onerous task.

A good online 11+ exam site will allow a child to try out different answers, repeat the same Non-Verbal Reasoning 11+ questions and other elevenplus questions or practice the same test again and again and see their score immediately.