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Most common 11plus Verbal Reasoning questions.

Chalkboard about  the most common 11plus Verbal Reasoning questions
Most common 11plus Verbal Reasoning questions

There are many types of 11plus Verbal Reasoning questions but there tend to be 21 Verbal Reasoning question types that are most often used in some format or other by Local Education Authorities and schools as part of their 11plus exam.

11plus Verbal Reasoning is problem-solving based around words and language. These question types require your child to have a wide vocabulary which they can apply quickly and accurately to the wide variety of Verbal Reasoning questions that they will be faced with.

Your child must be able to find words with the closest meaning or closest opposite meaning - synonyms or antonyms. They must be able to complete words by adding one or two letters.

More complex questions require them to apply logical deduction having been given some information. This logical deduction is often one of the common 11plus question types that children find most difficult.

A logical deduction question requires a lot of teaching and learning for both parent and child.

If you feel up to it try this –

Eleanor, Ruth, Ann and Melanie are four women. Eleanor, Ruth and Melanie own a sports car. Ann owns a van. Eleanor’s and Melanie’s vehicles are red and the other vehicles are green. Ruth and Melanie have radios in their vehicles the others do not have a radio.

What colour is Melanie’s sport car? (________________) Who has a red sports car without a radio? (________________) What colour is the van? (________________) How many vehicles are red and have a radio? (________________)

Not only is this type of question demanding it also requires your child to work very quickly.

Other question types will ask your child to find small words hidden within a larger word. To answer these and other word based questions successfully your child needs a wide vocabulary gained by reading a variety of resources and revision materials.

While most of the commonly used 11plus Verbal Reasoning question types are English based some are maths based.