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The 11+ test in Birmingham

The Grammar schools in Birmingham have formed a consortium of grammar schools and all schools administer the same elevenplus exam. In recent years the 11+ exam has been taken one morning in September.

The child will sit two tests each lasting approximately 45 minutes. The four areas of Verbal reasoning for the 11+, Non-verbal reasoning, Mathematics and Reading comprehension/literacy skills will all be tested.

The papers are divided into smaller, individually timed sections that test all the areas listed above.

Children write their answers in the test booklets and most of the test questions are in multiple-choice format. The marks will then be standardised to take account of differences in age and then added together.

When you complete a registration form you will then be sent sample elevenplus questions. There are a range of publications, available from leading bookshops and online elevenplus exams platforms that are designed to help parents prepare their child for the Grammar schools in Birmingham school admission tests.

Interestingly you do not have to live in Birmingham in order to apply for your child to sit the 11+ exam and it is worth noting that there are no fees to attend any of the Grammar schools in Birmingham. 

Practice papers for the elevenplus exams

How can I prepare my child for the elevenplus exam is the question that many parents will inevitably ask. The schools do not keep past papers and so these are not available from other sources. The best a parent can do is research the content of the 11plus test and source similar material either in shops or on the internet.

Neither individual schools nor the consortium of grammar schools actively encourage private coaching or tuition though elevenplus preparation will usually help a child improve their skill levels and understanding of eg How to do Verbal Reasoning.

The Grammar Schools in Birmingham do not in any way endorse or recommend any publisher or company offering practice material, tuition or revision courses for children to assist in preparing them for grammar school selection tests.

Special arrangements

There are special arrangements if, for example, your child is unable to sit tests on Saturdays for religious reasons. In this case the Grammar Schools in Birmingham will be able to arrange an alternative date. However you must mark this on the registration form and provide a supporting letter from your religious leader.

If you are seeking special arrangements because your child has a disability and/or requires special resources to sit the 11plus test, then you must complete the relevant elevenplus application form, describing your child’s disability and supplying relevant medical evidence. NO form then NO consideration for special circumstances to sit the eleven plus exam for Grammar Schools in Birmingham. If your child is ill on the day of the test then you must inform the administrators as a matter of urgency.

The selection procedure

Pupils are admitted to each school on their performance in the 11plus test. Applicants are then ranked according to their test score and then each school provides and applies its own criteria when scores are equal.