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Advice on the 11+ test in Kent

If you are considering applying for a place at a Kent grammar school, then you must register your child for the Kent 11+ Test. The test assesses whether a grammar school is a suitable option for your child and also whether they will be offered a place in a Kent Grammar school.

Kent Count Council are suggesting that they will be making some changes to the Kent elevenplus test this year and they say that this information will be available in May 2014. With such an important exam as this, it is important that parents always check detail of application system, dates, exam content and so on with the LEA or selected school. Do not rely on forums or blogs as a way to obtain this information.

How do I register my child for the Kent 11 plus exam?

You can register your child when they are in year 5 at their primary school. If you live outside of the Kent 11+ area you can still have your child sit the Kent test.

You can register for the elevenplusexam in a number of ways.

Register online between 2 June and 1 July 2014 if your child is due to start secondary school in September 2015.

Register by post:

You will need to download a Kent Test registration form and this will be available on the kent Council website from 2 June 2014.

Keep checking the council website in case there are any changes to dates or procedures.

You can also call 03000 41 21 21 or email  kent.admissions@kent.gov.uk to request an application form.

Children with special educational needs taking the elevenplus exam.

If you feel that your child has special educational needs or requires some sort of special arrangements then you must tell your child's primary school if you plan to register for the Kent Test. You will be asked to confirm this request for special circumstances when you apply for the Kent grammar school tests.

The school and LEA will then work together to decide if your child requires special consideration and if alternative test arrangements need to be made for your child. These special arrangements for a child with special educational needs who is taking the Kent 11plus test might include short rest breaks, additional time to complete the exam or putting the test questions into a different format such as large print size.