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How to teach 11+ Verbal Reasoning - Step by Step Guide - School Sample

Verbal Reasoning is where 11+ questions are mainly language based. Your pupils need to be able to understand and apply reasoning using concepts explained in words.  It is more than just recognising vocabulary – though a good vocabulary is essential. 11+ Verbal Reasoning requires a child to evaluate text and to think about the use of words.

As it is more than just a test of learned knowledge. Verbal Reasoning in the 11+ is a skill that you can teach and it can be improved with practice.
This book provides Step by Step instructions on how to teach children many of the Verbal Reasoning questions that they will face in their actual 11+ exam.
There are different types of questions set in a verbal reasoning exam and this books covers most of them - helping you to help your pupils.
Some examples are: 


  • Finding words hidden in a sentence.

  • Completing letter sequences.

  • Breaking codes based on letters and numbers.

  • Following detailed written instructions.

  • Spotting smaller words within larger words.

  • Finding one or two letters to complete two other words.

What is 11+ Verbal Reasoning?

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