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This question type requires your child to know lots of three letter words that are contained in larger words. The context of the sentence will help you find the larger word and then the smaller word that completes the larger word.

In this question type you are asked to find a three letter word that is missing from a larger word. 

Look at this example and then we can work our way through the question until we get the answer: -

In this sentence a THREE letter word is missing from the word in CAPITALS. What is this three letter word?

A sentence starts with a CAAL letter.

(For ease of learning we have marked the important parts of this explanation in RED.)
In this example you need to know what you might use at the start of a sentence.
What do we use at the start of a sentence? We use a CAPITAL letter.

The word that we are trying to complete is CAPITAL but remember that CAPITAL is not the answer that we are looking for; we are looking for a three letter word that completes the word CAPITAL.

Write down the complete larger word, in this case CAPITAL.


Then score out the letters that you have already been given in the question, in this case C, A, A and L. What you are left with will be the three letter word that is your answer.



Make sure that you give the three letter word as your answer and not the complete larger word.
Make sure that your small word contains three letters and not fewer or more than three letters.
Make sure that your small word is a proper word and that it is spelt correctly.
Make sure that you have not changed the order of the letters of the word in capitals or the order of the letters in your small three letter word.
Make sure that you read the sentence two or three times so that you understand what the sentence means or is asking.
This question type requires a good vocabulary. Your child must recognise the context of the sentence and the possible larger words that will complete the sentence accurately. (A good literary and reading background will introduce your child to a more demanding vocabulary.)

NB When you are completing a Verbal Reasoning test in Multiple-Choice format the correct answer will always be one of the choices that you are given on your answer sheet. If your answer does not match one of the answers that you are given then your answer is wrong.

11+ Find a 3-letter word missing from a larger word
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