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11plus exam word list

11plus word list and vocabulary list
11plus exam word and vocabulary list

Sample 11plus Exam word list and vocabulary list.

An extensive vocabulary is essential for success in the 11plus exam. This vocabulary will be extended and developed if your child reads widely across a wide genre of material.

These are just some of the words that your child may need to be able to spell and understand either in isolation or in the context of a comprehension. They will also need to understand other variations of these words such as plurals or verbs being changed into nouns. These are also words that children may find difficult to spell.

Many of these words could be used in 11plus Verbal Reasoning questions.

This list is not meant to be, nor is it, definitive but is offered as examples of the words and of the level of knowledge that your child needs for success in the 11plus exam.

This list includes words, or variations of words, that may occur in any 11plus exam – either an English or Verbal Reasoning exam. In reality no one knows what words will be used !

Children may have difficulty with vocabulary when they see the words out of context but this exactly what may occur in their 11plus. Building a vocabulary will take time and cannot be completed in the last few weeks as the actual 11plus exam approaches.

Your child needs to recognize the meaning of the word in isolation as well as in a sentence. Children are well versed in using computers and writing documents on the computer so encourage them to use the Thesaurus in programmes such as “Word” as this will introduce them to words with the same or similar meanings.

It cannot be stressed enough that encouraging your child to read is crucial to developing a large vocabulary. By reading they will come across and learn new words. They can often work out the meanings of new words from the context where the word is used but, as stated above, difficult words may be presented in isolation and completely out of context so a good understanding of the meanings is crucial.

This list is provided by and we do hope that you find it of some use.


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