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In this question type you are given five words and three of these words are connected in some way. The other  two words do not go with the three connected words.

You must select these two words from the five that you are given.

Look at this example and then we can work our way through the question until we get the answer: -

REMEMBER that you must select two words each time and these two words may or may not be connected to each other.

PEAR       APPLE       PLUM       RUBY       DIAMOND

Take the first word “PEAR” and see if there is any connection between “PEAR” and any of the other words.

We can see that “PEAR”, “APPLE” and “PLUM” are all connected since they are all types of fruit.

“RUBY” and “DIAMOND” are also connected to each other because they are both precious stones.


However one group has three words and the other group has only two words.

So the words that we select for our answers will be “RUBY” and “DIAMOND.”



  • Make sure that you have selected TWO words and not just ONE or THREE. (Children sometimes select the wrong number of words and so get the question wrong even though they know the correct answer.)

  • Make sure that THREE of the words are connected in some way.

  • Make sure that TWO of the words are not connected to the other THREE.

  • The TWO words that you have chosen may or may not be connected to each other.

  • Work systemically through the question starting with the first word and look for connections between it and another word, if there is a connection then look for a connection to a third word.

  • If you cannot find a connection then move to the second word.

  • Avoid guessing the answer.


This question type requires a good vocabulary and your child must recognise the connections. A good literary and reading background will introduce your child to a more demanding vocabulary essential in this question type.

There is a huge selection of “connections” possible in this question type.

Some possible connections that might be used in this question type are given below:-

There are other question types that are similar to this one such as  Type 10 where you are asked to find connections between words such as:-                                                                     


                                                         goat is to kid      as      horse is to foal

NB When your child is completing a Verbal Reasoning test in Multiple-Choice format the correct answer will always be one of the choices that they are given on their answer sheet. If their answer does not match one of the answers that they are given then their answer is wrong.

2 words the do not go with other 3
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